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Frequently Asked Questions !!

Your page will be created in real-time and your coupons will be published immediately. Our graphics team will use your promotion and logo in one of our paid ads within the next 72 hours.

Simply login to your Thymbol account ad navigate to the left menu and click on “Vouchers” and then click on the pencil to make any changes to your coupon.

When customers visit your business, they must show you the coupon inside the Thymbol app. The coupon will have a barcode and a coupon code that you can enter in your POS machine.

When you create an account, you will have an option to create and manage multiple locations.

When you navigate to our business portal, you will have an option to use your credit card or the convenient PayPal option.

Please feel free to send us a message on WhatsApp and one of our account managers will assist you in setting up your account.

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